Mo Hayder Tour Blog 2011

While promoting ‘Hanging Hill’ in April, Mo kept a short tour blog.

Promotional Tour Blog 2011 Friday 15th April

Fun day in the midlands dropping by Waterstones shops – everyone very welcoming and kind. The inimitable Bradley Rose doing his ‘thang’ – finding all the venues by smell alone (and that’s quite something considering that in an average day there could be at least ten or more venues in up to five different cities.) I’ve talked about Bradley before in previous blogs – he’s a real tour stalwart and has had characters named after him in at least four novels by authors grateful to him (he appears in my novel ‘Gone’ as a woman but you can spot him in other novels including those by Tess Gerritsen and Andy McNab).

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Posted on Friday 15th April 2011 @ 12:00 am

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