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Friday 19th March 2010

Berlin. The most magical city for me because I was here on Christmas day 1989. I stood at Brandenburg gate in the middle of a street party and watched families coming through the wall from the East. I will never ever forget the look of complete awe, excitement, amazement on their faces. Especially the children who could not believe that west Berliners were permitted to stand so close to the wall. (despite popular myth it is correct to refer to someone as ‘Berliner’. But you must never say ‘ein Berliner’) What an incredible time that was – the westerners shaking hands with the easterners, strangers hugging, little kids drinking champagne, people crying, others chipping away at the wall with chisels and hammers. Now of course the city is united. Or supposedly so, because there is still a sense of otherness – West Berliners still recognise East Berliners and vice versa. When I came here in 2000, 2004 and 2007 it was very fashionable for artists and writers and musicians to live in the east section. Now in 2010 that trend seems to be reversing with a lot of them moving back to the West. So there is still a subtle division although there is no physical evidence of it and a lot of Germans can no longer recall which streets were East and which were West. My hotel is sumptuous. It is in the East and used to be the headquarters of the East German communist party. God only knows what radical decisions were made in my bathroom. My daughter joined me today. She is being spoiled by the staff who brought her huge bowls of sweets and popcorn and her own mini gown and slippers. How posh is that? Paris Hilton better check over your shoulder my lovely.

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Posted on Friday 19th March 2010 @ 12:00 am

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