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The Devil of Nanking


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The Devil of NankingPreviously published as 'Tokyo'


Tokyo, 1990

Grey Hutchins is in pursuit of an obsession. She is searching for a piece of film taken during the infamous Nanking massacre of 1937. Some say it never existed. Grey is certain that it does, and that it lies hidden – somewhere in Tokyo.

Alone in an alien city, Grey becomes a hostess in an exclusive club catering for Japanese businessmen – and gangsters. One gangster dominates – an old man in a wheelchair surrounded by a terrifying entourage – who is rumoured to rely on a powerful elixir for his continued health. It is an elixir that others want – at any price …

With its focus on 1990’s Tokyo and Nanking in 1937, The Devil of Nanking is a literary thriller of the highest order. With its heady atmosphere of overt violence, lurking fear and sexual tension, this is a novel that takes hold of the reader and does not let go until its explosive final pages.

This book was previously published as Tokyo

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Press reviews

“The epic thriller of the year”

Karin Slaughter

“Left me stunned and haunted. This is writing of breathtaking power and poetry”

Tess Gerritsen

“Deeply felt and haunting. Elegiac and important. Most of all it sticks with you well after the final page is turned”

Michael Connelly

“Haunting, lyrical, disturbing, important, suspenseful and wonderfully written”

Harlan Coben