An Interview With Mo Hayder- Poppet

To mark the release of Poppet, the sixth Jack Caffrey thriller, Mo has stopped by Raven Crime Reads as part of her blog tour, and was kind enough to answer my questions about her new book, her inner astronaut and mutilating dolls….

Tell us about the new book and how you came up with the original story for Poppet…

I was watching Slingblade written by Billy Bob Thornton, and the early scenes – in a mental institution for violent offenders- really engrossed me. Especially the way some of the patients relished reliving their crimes. I ran up a couple of character sketches, just as an exercise to see if the idea had legs, and suddenly I realised that a mentally ill character in fiction can believe all manner of extraordinary things (the character of Monster Mother for example), and the reader has to decide which of the stories are a product of the psychosis and which are grounded in reality.

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Posted on Sunday 31st March 2013 @ 12:00 am

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